Achieve a Dust-Free Workplace with the ROS20VSC Bosch Random Orbital Sander

Get the best orbital sander that offers a smooth finish on your work. Whether it will be used on wood, plastic or metal types of jobs, the random orbital sander will take the sanding job. Random orbital sanders are advanced power tools used to smooth a certain surface. It’s used as innovative alternatives for the traditional way of sanding a surface.

What are Random Orbital Sanders? 

It’s a power tool which is used for sanding or smoothing a specific surface. It includes a dirt collector system,a handle, and a sanding disk. There are usually operated by electricity, but some are usable with batteries. There are also one and two handled random orbital sanders, but most likely carpenters prefer using two-handled sanders because it’s more manageable and easier to use.

random orbital sander

Operating an orbital sander is not quite easy, but you can always try viewing video tutorials or by reading reviews to know more about a certain sander. When using a sander, you need to level the pressure needed. Too much pressure may lead to an inefficient effect on your work. The proper pressure is the total of the weight of the sander and the resting weight of your arms.

If you’re experiencing hassle on using an orbital sander, you can try doing a simple trick that will lessen your difficulty on using the orbital sander. By using a pencil, draw a wavy line on the target sanding surface. When you start sanding the surface, the pencil mark will eventually disappear. If you’re not satisfied enough on the finish, you can still put pencil lines until you get your desired finish or smoothness.

The dust collector system

Sanding is a difficult task and at the same time, quite messy. There will be mini particles or dust and swirls along the sanding work. By the help of innovations, work is made easier by the installed dust collector system in each orbital sander. There are orbital sanders which don’t have a sufficient dust system; some have micro dust collection system which allows the smallest dust to penetrate in.

ROS20VSC Bosch orbital sander

This unit’s next to Makita; it shows advanced features which arestunning. This orbital sander is fitfor experts for its advanced features; you can completely control your sanding work. The Bosch orbital sander sports 2.5 amp and releases a maximum of orbit per minute of 12,000 and the minimum of 7,500. This unit has the capability to sand sensitive surfaces.

At the back of theBosch orbital sander, a dust collector system is attached. It’s not an ordinary dust collector; it comes with a micro-filter system enables the smallest 0.5 microns size of dust to fit in. This system is efficient enough to sustain a clean workplace at the same time.

This Bosch unit features a pad dampening system which helps the orbital sander achieve a good finish. It avoids hollow and uneven surfaces during sanding job. This feature prevents over-sanding problems as well.

One of the exceptional features of Bosch is its “hook tight” sanding pad attachment. This hook tight feature displays 35,000 hooks to hold the sanding padperfectly. This system aims to prevent accidents and to achieve a great finish as well.

Upon purchasing, you’ll receive a carrying case together with a 1-year warranty. This orbital sander cost approximately $70.

random orbital sander


Sanding is a messy type of carpentry job. It’s advisable to wear masks and goggles to prevent unnecessary accidents or irritations. Before buying a random orbital sander, you need to consider the efficiency of each part. The unit must be manageable and easy to use. Check the sufficiency of the dust collector system and how it manages the dust and swirls.

If you want to purchase an orbital sander, you can try checking in to huge hardware shops in the cities. You can try buying them in big supermarkets and surplus stores. Aside from hardware, you can also try buying sanders through online shops like Amazon. You just need to pay a certain amount along with the shipping fee by using debit or credit cards. It’s quite risky because you can’t check it personally, but you can still check the item when it arrives. To learn more about this, click this link.

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