What Are The Different Types Of Scaffolding Company Used In Construction?

For those who don’t know what scaffolding is, then here it is- Scaffolding is a temporary framework or structure constructed to support the main permanent construction. It is made to reach places you can’t reach with bamboo and small tools on the original construction site.

The scaffolding should be:

  • Strong enough to take the weight of loads of workmen.
  • Accurately constructed to reach all the inconvenient places.
  • Balanced and stable.
  • Supportive enough to take on the weight of heavy materials.

The scaffolding are such an important aspect of construction on either a small scale or large scale area that there exists an actual scaffolding company. Maybe you have never heard about it but you definitely would have seen one. In the construction of a personal home, hospitals, schools, enterprise buildings, and many other places, every construction site has it.

The scaffolding is made up of steel, timber, and wooden bamboos. The material entirely depends upon the type of structure and type of construction.

Here are the details of different types of scaffolding that a company provides:

We have about 7 different types of scaffolding. They are:

  • Trestle scaffolding

This is a type which is the smallest among all the scaffolding. It’s just a mere stand like structure made up of steel. They are movable and have a platform to support the worker. This type of scaffolding is used in painting and repairing the interior of the house or of any building.

  • Patented scaffolding

These types come readymade. The structure is made of steel that has ladders in different patterns all over it. It has couplings and adjustable screws to make the structure as you like. It’s very high as well.

  • Double scaffolding

These are generally used for stone masonry. You cannot make holes on the brick walls. Hence, to support a stand for masonry double rows of steel stands to support the workers.

  • Single scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is used in brick masonry. These are made very close to the walls and have only one row. Ledgers are connected to the walls with putlogs that are taken out at the last.

  • Suspended scaffolding

As the name suggests, it is suspended in the air from the roofs with the support of ropes and strong strings. It has a sustainable and broad platform for the workmen. They are used for painting the walls on the exterior side or repairing certain things.

  • Steel scaffolding

These are made of steel and are very strong. The steel pipes are attached with couplers. They can easily be constructed or dismantled according to need and demand. They are very durable and used extensively.

  • Cantilever scaffolding

These types of scaffolding are generally used when the work is on the upper side of the building and you can’t afford to put the scaffolding on the road as it’s busy or occupied. They can be of both timber and steel.

All of these types are provided by the scaffolding company according to the type of construction.

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