Top Reasons Why A Truck is A Man’s Best Friend

When choosing a vehicle, nothing beats the practicality of a pickup truck. Consider how easy it is to transport just about anything with this kind of vehicle. The larger the bed of the truck the more stuff you can carry inside it.  Loading your motorcycle or your kid’s bicycles have never been more possible in a family vehicle. The bold, sharp lines make it the ultimate choice especially for guys out looking for a truck.  However, the practicality and appeal of a truck go beyond how it seems. Let us take a better look why the pickup truck is the choice in the auto industry today.

The Venerable Pickup Upgraded

    Gone are the days of the old and clunky pickup that are slow and ungainly. Technological achievements in engine technology make the trucks of today faster, safer and more reliable than ever. The trucks nowadays truly belong everywhere and not just on farms and backroads. Higher spec variants now provide navigation, heated leather seats, power adjustments in practically everything, and nifty audio and video entertainment packages that connect to the internet and your gadgets.

A Pickup Truck is Safe

All the safety technology available in modern cars are also incorporated into the pickup trucks of today. Combine that with its ride height, weight, and stability; it makes this one of the safest vehicles on the road. The truck’s height is one of the things that make it safe. Take for example, when a sedan collides with a pickup truck, the sedan would probably not even hit the middle part of the cab whereas if the situation would be reversed, the pickup’s fender would be in level with the passenger’s head in the sedan. That would not be lethal for the passengers. Another advantage of the pickups ride height would be increased visibility for the driver of the truck, making his situational awareness superior to that of an ordinary sedan or vehicle.

All Weather

    Since it was built to withstand more rugged terrain than the usual, a truck can be a truly all-weather vehicle used in snow, rain, and off-road. This makes it the perfect vehicle for camping, and you can bring your whole family AND kitchen to boot. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you can put a lot of stuff in a truck, aside from people. This versatility is what puts a lot of value for the money in this kind of vehicle. Because of the openness of the cab, what you put in the cabin is not limited by cabin height. You can toss in anything that can fit in there and haul away.

Use them for Work and Play

    A pickup’s versatility is not limited to where it can go but on how you use it in so many ways. In some ways, it is not only a man’s best friend in general but also a businessman’s best friend. It doubles as transport for goods and is also their daily driver as well. A workhorse on weekdays and over the weekend, it transforms into a family hauler.

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Insurance is Relatively Cheaper

Another surprising advantage of a truck over other vehicles is that it costs less to insure. A mid-size truck costs about 15 percent less to insure than a new car. Of course, this gets higher as the truck gets bigger and also vary depending on where and how it will be used. It is however surprisingly affordable. Adding to this, trucks are one of the most durable vehicles you will find on the road today and are designed to take a beating.

Maintenance Can Be A Breeze

Due to the overall ruggedness of a truck, the parts that make it up are also more rugged and durable than a regular car. With routine preventive maintenance, they will last so much more than the lifespan of an ordinary car part. If ever you will need a car part though, Ford Ranger Truck Parts and other brands are readily available. The key is consistency and sticking to your schedule on when maintenance has to be done. Certain fluids have very specific instructions on when and what kind to use when being replaced. Tires need to be rotated, and a general checkup needs to be done at least once a year to catch any nasty surprises waiting to happen.

There you have it, trucks are not just haulers, and they indeed are not ugly ducklings of yesterday. Trucks today are comfortable and tricked out inside while retaining the utilitarian side of the old trucks from the past.

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