The Current Kubota Range of Excavators

Crushing, dumping, trenching, and raising. These are four typical specified jobs for any Kubota mini excavators. It can build channels, exposed pipes, and removing debris, such as concrete bases. Many people believe this kind of construction equipment is one of the most flexible in the industry. And this is why a wide variety of configurations is therefore reasonably available. Whether for use in the landscape industry, a mini excavator is of great importance on a building site, and you can find a model built to suit your needs.

Modern mini excavators from Kubota are designed to meet the end-users need for a long time. It has an accurate pilot controls making it easy to handle the boom and the bucket and also allowing the operator to operate in cramped or otherwise sensitive conditions. Also, there is a variable track connected to high manoeuvrability levels, while automatic shifting capacities offer the operating sensation of hands-off operation. It has comfortable seats, complete cabins, enclosed canopies, and digital screens, which contribute to guarantee the speed and efficiency of demanding tasks.Any mini excavator can be an excellent investment. There are some unrivalled versions that Kubota is more than glad to deliver. As-has various dimensions and specific building site specifications, you can rest assured that the most suitable alternative is only minutes away.

Kubota has a wide selection of excavators to meet all construction workers’ needs from large building areas to small and tight spaces. Kubota mini excavators are the most commonly used excavator hire machinery by the equipment rental industry, and are available in twoseries type models: the K and U series. Here are the current Kubota range of excavators.



You can get down to bedrock with these powerhouse excavators. Kubota’s compact excavators combine manoeuvrability, power and reliability with economy to help you haul away more pay dirt on every job. These machines have earned high market acclaim overtime for outstanding utility and efficient operation. The K series is a popular mini excavator rental choice for plumbers, landscape gardeners and home improvement projects.


This is the present most environmentally friendly mini excavator in the class of the K-series model. It has a  weight 4135kg, Digging depth 3345mm, width 1700mm  and engine output 40.4PS. The KX042-4α type of K series incorporates a Diesel Particulate Filter which enables clean exhaust emissions. The KX042-4α is more performance friendly, with a reliable and robust engine and the flexibility you need for every job you envisioned in construction.


This is also the next generation of mini excavators before the  KX042-4α  with designed to deliver advanced performance, comfort, and safety.

Kubota’s new 5-ton mini excavators are ready to take charge and deliver new levels of performance, comfort, and safety for a wide range of jobs.

All feature newly designed interiors and exteriors, and all are built with the most advanced technology Kubota has to offer.


When you have to take on a tough job in a tight space, look no further than the versatile U Series. Kubota U Series excavators offer performance, durability, convenience and comfort to help you tackle more challenging jobs in even tighter spaces.


This is a new U series Kubota’s new 5-ton mini excavators. It has a weight 4965kg Digging depth 3370mm and  engine output 40.4PS. It is designed readily to take charge and deliver new levels of optimum performance, comfort, and deliver a high level of safety for a wide range of construction jobs. It has newly designed interiors and exteriors, and all are designed with the most advanced technology.

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