Learning the truth behind Appletec

AppletecLtd. is an Israel-based tech company that deals with optics and electronics and has grown into a number of associations with international companies and the other local counterparts. Owned by Aaron Applebaum, the company has been known for funding the activities of the controversial group of Israeli Centre for Victims of Cults (ICVC). Having the deceptive cover of secularism, the group in actual takes lethal actions against all of the other non-orthodox groups in the nation whose beliefs do not match with theirs and thus basically targets the non-Jewish citizens thriving in the nation. The article basically discusses the harsh truth behind the company.

The detailed allegation

As per a detailed report submitted by Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF) on September 1, 2018, the following are the basic pointers that showed the true face of Appletec and its operations in Israel: –

  • Legit proofs of the founder of the company, Aaron Applebaum funneling the revenues of his company towards the activities of the parent organization of ICVC named Yad L’Achim and thus supporting the violent activities of the extreme orthodox organization
  • A detailed analysis of the degree of violence that ICVC is involved in and how it has created an issue of power turmoil within the nation that has the potency to destroy the peace of the entire nation
  • Apart from the financial proof, the report also mentions about the other grounds where Appletec supports the extremistorganization and that includes all forms of internet campaigning, fundraising, field activities, training camps and even arranging the interviews on the national television.
  • Recovered a list of international companies that are associated with Appletec Ltd. and thus are claimed to be indirectly supporting all of the ultra-orthodox terror acts of spiritual and religious movements, the ones that can earn the attention of the Human Rights Commission.

These are the basic pointers that gave a huge backlash to the company and has thus tampered the image of the brand to a very great extent.

The level of extremism

The organization of ICVC that is funded by Appletec Ltd. is connected to extreme levels of crimes that can earn a heavy series of imprisonments if the culprits are caught at the right time. With the quote of “We don’t give up on even a single Jew”, it has done a lot of violence against the missionaries working for the upliftment of non-Jews and a detailed list of all of its string of terrorist attacks and attempted attacks are now readily available in the internet resources.

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