Technical audit of drinking water supply infrastructures

In detail, the regulation contains various provisions that are not expressly prescribed by the European directive, but which serve the purpose, that is to say, to ensure the good quality of drinking water. These are requirements for the development, operation, and maintenance of drinking water infrastructure. In fact, rather than correcting drinking water pollution by corrective treatment, such as chlorination, it is better to do everything possible so that no pollution can occur, this in the application of the principle of prevention. Thus the operators of the drinking water supply networks are required to carry out a review and a technical diagnosis of their infrastructures and to prepare a report of analysis of the risks of contamination of the distributed water. The objective of this diagnosis is to propose, given the technical elements highlighted, a policy of intervention to the local elected representatives and their technical services to guide them towards good management of quality of their service offered to the consumers.

Provisions relating to the interruption and limitation of the supply of water

The municipality is entitled:

Temporarily suspending the supply of water to subscribers to perform maintenance and repair work on the supply infrastructure; subscribers are informed in principle in advance by the appropriate means;

To prohibit or limit certain uses of water to ensure the continuity of the distribution service in case of water shortage;

to discontinue the provision of water to subscribers at any time and without notice for reasons of safety and suitability.

In the event of limitation or interruption of the supply of water , a change in the pressure or the nature of the water, as a result of a shortage of water, technical disturbances, urgent works, administrative provisions or other unforeseeable events affecting the supply of water, subscribers are not entitled to an award or compensation.

In case of a continuous distribution of water with restriction of temporary use of water due to bacteriological contamination, consumers are called to treat the water thermally to make it drinkable, a treatment that is at the reach of any consumer. Subscribers are not entitled to an award or compensation.

Finally, water tank refurbishment it should be mentioned that the technical file can only be drawn up by specialized bodies in the field and approved for this purpose by the Ministers of the Interior and Health, by Article 14 of the Grand-Ducal Regulation on the quality of services. water intended for human consumption. Indeed, an expert mission for an existing supply infrastructure differs considerably from a conventional design mission for a new water supply infrastructure. Thus the construction of new work is driven by a wide range of directives and standards available to the engineer in charge of the design of this work.

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