The injection molding is an efficient and economic process that allows manufacturing a much larger mold inspection Miami  variety of shapes and components than any other manufacturing technique. The pieces have a longer useful life and can be designed to complement the visual appeal of the piece that surrounds them. Designers can obtain numerous advantages and benefits when manufacturing specific pressure castings.

Production at high speed:

The injection molding allows elaborating complex forms with tolerances more reduced than many other processes of mass production. Virtually no machining is required and hundreds of identical parts can be produced without the need for additional tools.

Dimensional precision and stability:

 The injection molding allows producing pieces that are durable and stable from the dimensional point of view, while allowing maintaining reduced tolerances. They are also heat resistant

Weight and resistance: the pieces of molded to press sure are stronger that the molds of injection of plastic with the same dimensions. Thin-walled molding parts are stronger and lighter than parts made with other molding methods. Furthermore, since the molding pieces are not composed of separate pieces welded or joined, the strength is that of alloy rather than that of the joining process.

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Multiple finishing techniques: press

-fit parts can be produced with smooth or textured surfaces, and can be veneered or finished with minimal preparation

Simplified assembly:

The molding parts allow the use of integral fasteners, such as nails and tacks. Cores can be cut according to the size of a perforation or external threads can be molded.


There are many sources of information on the design of press-fit parts. These include textbooks, technical articles, bibliography, magazines, seminars and courses provided by engineering societies, trade associations and industry. Often, the manufacturer selected to produce a component is an excellent source of information.

To get the maximum benefit from the pressure molding process, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the vast experience of the manufacturer of pressure molding parts. New designs should be reviewed during the early stages of development. During this exchange of ideas, significant forms of savings can be detected. If in doubt, call the manufacturer. He is familiar with his machines and equipment and can make suggestions (during the design stage) of change with respect to tools and production, allowing him to reduce costs.


    • The advice to design molding pieces is generally based on the best practices or situations to avoid. However, as with most rules, there are exceptions. These affect the costs, appearance and / or quality of the final product. The following are guidelines that should be taken into account when designing press-molded parts:


    • Specify the thin sections that can be easily molded and still have the proper strength and rigidity. Use ribbing whenever possible to achieve maximum strength and minimum weight.


  • Keep the sections as uniform as possible. When it is necessary to vary the sections, make sure that the transitions are gradual to avoid stress concentration.

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